Now lets get into it with the 4-1-1 on MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY.  Now he has been all over our website a few times and we have to say we like his music.  MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY is very active and has a lot of post all over with his music.  He has been on the radio and blogs.  With being on over 4 mixtapes MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.  In fact it looks like he will be doing a lot more. After being featured so many times you already know that he has a good flow and knows how to spit.  In an era of rappers not saying much MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY says a lot with his music.  Not to mention he released a music video recently  .  With all that being said,we know that we will get lots more from him and we can’t wait.  Overall we give MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY 4 stars.

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