Shane Stokes – Text Back

Shane plays the waiting game on his playfully melodic SoundCloud smash.

Like many emerging rappers of today, Shane Stokes first taste of success came from SoundCloud. Earlier this year, he released “So Cold,” a sugary rap ballad that has since gained over 100k streams on SC. His follow-up, “Text Back,” is even bigger. Released in March, it’s already eclipsed 400,000 plays on the platform. The concept is pretty straight-forward, with Shane awaiting a text from a special someone. The bright instrumental comes from ID Beatz, giving Shane an ascending key riff to compliment his playful melodies. The hook finds him performing a call-and-response structure with himself, interjecting his raps with a vulnerable falsetto that resembles his inner thoughts.

Look out for Shane’s upcoming project Don’t Fall In Love With Me this summe

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