Preme Writez music review // Now You Know Me

Let’s goooo! More music has come in and we love it!  Now for those that don’t know Preme Writez is a talented artist that we had to get in contact with.  He has been on his grind for sometime and that leads him right to snvlife.  Preme Writez has a few tracks currently on soundcloud that are great.  The type of songs to play anywhere especially if you want to jam out in the car.  Now when it comes to the track Now You Know Me we have to say we love it.  


 A few members of our staff have been playing it nonstop today.  With that being said our sister station (Ny2LaRadio) may want to get an interview with Preme Writez.  Now if that happens we will be the first to hook it up.  Back to the music… Now You Know Me is a great chill song and we feel that it would be very popular on anyone’s playlist so make sure you download his tracks.  With a great beat, a hook to match and not to mention the singing Now You Know Me is a great song and we give it a 4 star rating and hope he continues his grind and send us more of his music.

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