Hatelog drops a hot single called Work It

What happens when you mix EDM and Hiphop?  Well you are about to find out.  Now Hatelog is a producer that is in the hiphop scene but is making moves producing EDM.  This is the first that we have had.  So we would like it if you guys email us and let us know what you think about the track. As for us …. we love it .. it is different and that is something that we like and defiantly hope to hear more of this type of music from Hatelog soon.  The DJ over at Ny2Laradio wants to get an interview bad and I already know that it will happen.  When it does happen you already know where it will be first.  The beat right away gets you pumped and the vocals really stand out.  “Work It” is a very high energy single and we recommend it for anyone that needs a little bit of energy for a workout and when our energy drink comes out we may think about using this song for the drinks! With that being said we give Work It a (A) rating:


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