Quadroon drops in with SNVLFE


Now lets start off with the fact that we are being a household name in the urban industry.  With that being said you know that we need to hook you up with all the hottest artist that we can find. Now Quadroon is an up and coming artist and the best part of him is that he is still young.  Dont let the age fool you, he has an old soul… lol .. He also has a great mind about what hiphop is, so we know that he has a long career in front of him.  DJ ALtra had a great interview with him and we hope we can get him back on.  Now Quadroon has a popping Soundcloud that is laced with songs:  (below)

When it come to Quadroon we have a few favorites.  Simple As That and I Do What I Can’t are just a few.  If you listen to this young talented kid you will realize that he has a lot of talent and his flow is flawless for someone his age.  With all that being said we give Quadroon an (A) rating as an artist and A+ for his age and next time he is on we expect nothing short than the best!! More info about Quadroon: Eighteen year old hip hop artist/lyricist, creating music purely off the passion and energy in his spirit. Passion is the number one motivator. Representing the Los Angeles area, however lived last 8 years of life in New York, currently going to college at Uc Santa Cruz. Dense shell with a positively warmed interior. Soulful sound, with a smooth new school flow with clear old school, boom bap inspiration. Open personality, willing and desiring to work with any artist who value themselves as well as their passion highly. Storyteller, draw concepts from everyday life of subjective experience.

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