Yeung Human drops SolWvrd // Beat Review

We have tons of artist dropping off their music but where are the producers at?  Well look no further we have Yeung Human who is looking to make his place in the game!  Now it is said that the DJ over at NY2LARADIO is trying to set up an interview so we will see if that happens.  Now lets get to the music! Yeung Human seems to be on the right path when it comes to making beats.  Seems as if he uses a wide range of sounds to make a complete track.  That is something that will get him far in this game.  The beat SolWvrd is a solid beat and we hope that he backs it up with another great hit.  We already know a few artist that want to hop on that track!  As for the track itself we give it an (A) rating!

Below is the track so please let us know what you think!:


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