Sharpey drops his latest album // LIFE JOURNEY //

Now you already know that we are a leading force when it comes to the hip hop scene.  Not only in America but also the Uk where our next artist is from.  Now when you think of the UK you already know that they are on the rise especially after DRAKE went over on tour and linked up with a bunch of artist to help make his latest album.  Now this brings us to Sharpey.  Sharpey is very talented and has been in the hiphop scene for some time.  Now in his mid 20’s he looks to make a bigger name for himself with the album LIFE JOURNEY.  I have to say he as songs that really stand out.  Our favorite is none other than “So Sexy”.  Now it is said that @thevixenmagazine wants to use his music for some of the models and that would be awesome.  Now when it comes to the album we give it a solid (A) rating.  It is the type of album that could get any club rocking and has songs for the ladies.  The DJ from NY2LARADIO ( DJ ALTRA ) stated that he wants to have a few songs from Sharpey on the radio and looks like “So Sexy” will be the first one.  Other top songs on the album are: ” Its is What it is” and “Turn Up”  Now this album is a little on the short side but he makes up for it with great music and believe me that Sharpey can put his city and county on the map.  Good luck to him.  Blow is the video for ” Turn Up” let us know what you think!

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