Does DJ Supe have a hit in his hands?

Whats up everyone you know that we are back with yet ……ANOTHER ONE.. now this track is from DJ Supe and it feels like he is trying to climb the ranks of stardom with the single Bonnie and Clyde.  Now he is known to have songs hitting the charts such as Call Me.  The reason we are focusing on Bonnie and Clyde is because we feel as if that song can become very popular.  When we sat down and spoke to the dj over at NY2LARADIO they loved the song and wanted to get it on the air waves as soon as possible.  Not to mention it looks like we can set up an interview with DJ Supe so he can talk about his latest single and more about his music career.  Now the song Bonnie and Clyde is well put together and features an artist by the name of  TanJanae.  That girl  TanJanae can sing!! Her vocals are 100 and really puts her personal stamp on the song.  Thumbs up to DJ Supe and we hope he can follow this up with another one because this song is one of our favorites so it may be hard to top…. with that being said we give this song a:


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