Producer Chalstonian making waves

We are back at it again and have more music from Chalstonian this time around.  Now with the launch of SNVLIFE Freshmen 17 we may add a few producers like Chalstonian because he may make that list.  We hope he continues to drop fire and send it over to us.  Already with the release of a mixtape on datpiff ( LISTEN HERE )Ny2LaRadio wants an interview with him.  Now he has a series of songs produced by him and they are catchy and mellow.  The type that you can listen to all day.  You already know that he is coming form the “A” (Atlanta).  It is also said that CypherCharts when launched may contact him to produce tracks by their artist.  If that happens expect more from Chalstonian to be all over the blogs.  We would definitely recommend buying one of his beats.

We caught up with Chalstonian and asked him about his latest project:

 “Man, to be honest, I was just going for a vibe that I know will sound better a year from now. Sometimes I make sounds that I don’t like in the very moment because it’s an idea that eventually works into something else later. I just take different angles of music and blend it into a pot. It’s not weird but the project as a whole is just a vibe grows into something that feels good.”

We have to agree because some of his sounds are different.  He later added:

 “Music from the 20th century aged like wine. People can still listen to Illmatic like it just dropped yesterday. Because it aged like wine. I’m not tryin’ to dwell on just a certain “type” of sound either. Music is music. It always evolves, so that’s that. But I know for sure this project right here will age like wine.”

Well that raps it up and with that being said her give Chalstonian a: 


Our fav:


Want more music:



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