Now when it comes to the latest in the hiphop industry you already know that we deliver.  With that being said we have a talented new artist by the name of MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY.  He is already generating a buzz!  With songs like  Haten On Me & Hypnotized it seems that MONEYBAGZ DA BABYBOY will become a household name in no time.  As for now we are going to break down the song Hate’n On Me.  The beat is catchy and the bars in this song are up to par.  It is not the typical mumble rap … it has meaning.  With radio stations such as Ny2LaRadio looking to get the inside scoop on Moneybagz Da Babyboy  we cant wait on some more insight on his music.  Who knows maybe DJ Altra will have an interview with him.  As for the song we give it a rating of:

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