New music from Jaydavinchy


Looks like new music has hit our website once again!  Now Jaydavinchy is out of Atlanta and looks to make major moves!  We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.  As for now let’s get straight into the music.  Racks Out is a track with great potential and should be a hit this summer we love it!!!  It is said that radio station Ny2LaRadio may want to get Jaydavinchy to feature on their station.  We think that would be a major move for him.  One reason being we think he can build his following and next because of the music. To be so young we won’t be surprised if he gets signed soon.  With the track Racks Out we feel that would be a top 10 song on the station easily.  Also who knows maybe DJ Altra may want to set up an interview so we can get to know a deeper side to his music.  We did some more research on Jaydavinchy  and he has been making hits for a while.  With that being said we have to rate this song with a:

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