New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall stated on social media Thursday he was forced to use a hammer to break a car window after accidentally locking his two-year-old son inside the vehicle.

Marshall passed along the story via Instagram:

Although the 32-year-old NFL veteran managed to get his child out of the car safely, the potential danger associated with the situation can’t be understated.

Fit Speed Athletic Performance, where Marshall was training in the video posted alongside the story about his son, is located in Weston, Florida. The Weather Channel forecasted high temperatures in the 80s for Thursday in the city.

Jan Null, a certified consulting meteorologist from San Jose State University, noted there have been 701 heatstroke-related deaths due to children being left in cars since 1998. That includes 39 in 2016 and one reported case for far this year.

In addition, it doesn’t take extreme heat conditions for serious problems to arise. Safe Kids Worldwide CEO Kate Carr told Steve Visser of CNN last June a vehicle’s interior temperature can increase quickly without any ventilation.

“A car can heat up about 19 degrees in as little as 10 minutes, and we’ve seen heat stroke deaths recorded when the temperature is in the 60s,” she said.

Thankfully for Marshall and his family, he acted quickly and avoided tragedy.

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