A closer look at DeadPool

Casual comic book movie fans may think that Deadpool came out of nowhere to become one of this year’s most unexpected blockbuster films. But Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth has been kicking around since 1991, when Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld created Deadpool as a minor villain in New Mutants. No one could have predicted that Deadpool would eventually become one of Marvel’s breakout heroes. But 25 years later, that’s exactly what happened!

This week, Insight Editions released Deadpool: Drawing the Merc with a Mouth, by writer Matthew K. Manning, with a cover by Reilly Brown. This book features interviews with several of Deadpool’s most notable writers and artists, including Nicieza, Mark Waid, Brown, Joe Kelly as they look back at his evolution from a one-off character to a ’90s antihero, to the more heroic Deadpool who is even a member of the Uncanny Avengers. But the big draw of this book is the art, which features some of the most famous Deadpool covers and pages from his three decades in comics.

Insight Editions has passed along a few of the Deadpool images from this to CraveOnline, which we are proudly sharing in this exclusive preview. You don’t have to break the fourth wall to enjoy this art, but it always helps!


image: http://cdn3-www.craveonline.com/assets/uploads/2016/10/Deadpool_Page18.jpg


image: http://cdn3-www.craveonline.com/assets/uploads/2016/10/Deadpool_72.jpg


image: http://cdn2-www.craveonline.com/assets/uploads/2016/10/Deadpool_74.jpg


image: http://cdn1-www.craveonline.com/assets/uploads/2016/10/Deadpool_Page122.jpg


image: http://cdn2-www.craveonline.com/assets/uploads/2016/10/Deadpool-Drawing-the-Merc-With-a-Mouth-cover.jpg

Deadpool Drawing the Merc With a Mouth cover

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