SNVLIFE interviews Skully

Now you already know that we are becoming a leading source in the hiphop game and we have an exclusive interview with Skully.  This is a great interview and we think that it went well.  Make sure to listen to NY2LA Radio because they will be streaming his music.

What separates you from other artist?

What separates me from other artist is I try to just be myself and pull from personal experiences. That way the content is original. Thats not to say other artist aren’t doing the same. I just try to be true to myself.

Your TOP 5 Dead or Alive:
Thats a tuff one. There’s so many influential figures that I respect. If I had to say 5. It would be from my golden erra the 90’s Eminem, Jay Z, Biggie,  Nas, Tupac. But theres many more that played a role in Hip Hop I respect.


Favorite artist to work with?
I’d like to look at myself as a versatile mc, so I’m open to a variety of sounds. But right now I’m rockin with the Dave East Wave, and Of course Nas is on my bucket list. I already have a record with Kool G Rap on the album. So I definitely feel honered to be on a track with a legend. Also I like the new wave, I understand it. It’s more about a vibe and an energy over lyrics, But in all art you have to be open minded to see the true beauty in it.

 If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?
lol thats tricky I don’t want to touch on the wrong thing lol. But honesty I’m against any exploitation or unfair business practices on my end. Other than that, the best way to get along with people is to keep your nose out there business. 

How was it working with NORE?
Obviously it was an honor to be on a track with NORE. He’s a legend and I grew up off his music. So that’s a high point in my life in general, but other than that he brought the energy on the track to the next level.

Do you think hiphop is on the rise or downfall?
I think Hip Hop is evolving, not dying, its still the number 1 voice of the youth.

If you could work with any female artist who would it be?
Seveyn Streeter is pretty dope. And I’ve always followed her career.

Which Vixen on TheVixenMagaine caught your eye? I dont know any of these Video Vixens names. But I do know some local strippers from my city lol and from the Vixen Magazine @yums12 looks good.    

-if you cast females for your videos what do you look for?
I like an around the way beauty.    

-Booty-Chest man?
I’m definitely a booty man over everything lol

Worst rapper in the game?
Its not about my opinion on another man, it’s about if he’s able to accumulate a fan base to sustain his lifestyle, and any man that’s doing that I respect, regardless if his music is my personal preference.

What do you think about the Meek Mills and Game beef?
I think the Meek and Game beef is unraveling crazy, theres all types of lines being crossed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beef played out like this. But I think its at the point were its rolling over outside the booth. I honesty wouldn’t mind hearing some more music out of it as a fan.

What is you favorite radio stations? – Hot97 – New york
– HITS 103.1 – New York’s New #1 Hit Station
– 107.1 The Beat – Chicago’s New #1 Hip Hop Station
– HOT 97.4 – Boston’s New #1 Hip Hop Station
– POWER 98.1 – Chicago’s Newest #1 Hit Stationand  NY2LAradio

Special thank yous:
I always want to give a shout out to the label GIG and my crew Vegas Boyz, shot to my brother Eddie Vegaz right now doing a little number in Santa Rosa Correctional Facility, but he’s the originator right there. My album explains the storie in detail.

How do you feel about the Cops and #blacklivesmatter movement?I actually have a strong opinion on that, but I want to get into that on the appropriate platform.

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